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Clients News:

  AL-Manar Plaza adds Hyper panda to the list of its clients

The continuous successes achieved by Mohammad AL-Habib Real Estate Company in the selection of suitable locations, and unique designs of modern Malls are reflecting automatically on the types of strategic partners who are coming to take their locations at these centers, since they find in it suitable display area, services and turnover of customers.
AL-Manar Center in AL-Madina AL-Munawwara is one of the best operated centers within Al-Habib group of Malls, so the management concentrated their efforts in attracting the best trademarks and clients Mr. Khalid AL-Sihibani declared that these efforts culminated with the joining of some famous trademarks to AL-Manar center, one of which is Hyper Panda, a famous Supermarket Company in the region. AL-Sihibani added that added that AL-Manar Plaza center is located at the second ring road near the University city, the civil defense and adjacent to AL-Salam Mosque. The location is only minutes away from Haram. AL-Manar Plaza is an integrated services center including different commercial activities and services, i.e. Commercial shops, Restaurants and Children playing area.
It is worth mentioning that AL-Manar Center is a two storey building with an area of 61300 Mbr> The ground floor is allocated for commercial shops 156 numbers with different activities. The first floor is for Hypermarket, children playing area, internal showrooms 74 numbers in addition to restaurants area with 16 restaurants, the center is provided with a wide parking area for more than 1100 Cars.


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