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Al-Andalus Real Estate Company

It is a stock company based in Riyadh with a fully paid capital of 238.9 Million Saudi Riyals. It is one of the most pioneering investment and real estate companies. The company aims to develop large residential and commercial centers and to administrate, operate, and maintain them as well.

 Company activities : The company works in the renovation, construction, ownership, renting and sale of medium or large size markets and multi-purpose residential and commercial real estate in strategic locations in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries. The company approach is to perform the real estate basics and make profitable transactions.

Current projects :The first company projects have been in Jeddah and Dammam with an amount more than 1.2 billion Saudi Riyals. Jeddah project is located in the old airport area which is witnessing a comprehensive development plan executed by Jeddah municipality and HAWK international company. The project area is regarded as one of the important strategic areas in Jeddah which is characterized by wide roads and is adjacent to the city center and is expected to become the major commercial area in the city.


The project is composed of three parts: The first is a shopping center with a total area of 156,000 m2 and a rental area of about 78,000 m2. The official opening of this mall is expected to be in the second quarter of the year 2007. The second and third parts of the project which have entered the final stage of designing shall be a commercial offices tower, a hotel tower, and residential towers.


Dammam project is a commercial center with a hypermarket and is located in a main area on Al-Khaleej Street with a total area of 5,900 m2 and a total rental area of 4,200 m2.

For contacting :

Title :          Al-Andalus Real Estate Company .

Telephone :  0096612082240.

Fax :             0096612083833 .

Post code :   Riyadh 31414

P.O.Box :      9261 .

Head office : Riyadh .


Burooj Real Estate Company

It is one of the most important companies working in the field of real estate development in the Kingdom in addition to prominent investment activities. It is also regarded as one of the architectural pillars that reflect the development in the Kingdom through the projects it undertakes. It was established in the year 1426H and based in Riyadh. It specialized in the field of real estate development and investment in the Kingdom. The company owns several projects and commercial centers in Riyadh, Dhahran, and Jizan.

Company activities :

The company works in the field of investment and real estate development. It contributed to the development of this field through investment in many projects such as:

1. Jarir Plaza, Dhahran

2. Panorama Mall , Riyadh

3. Kadi Mall, Jizan

For contacting :

Title :            Burooj Real Estate Company .

Telephone :  0096612082240.

Fax :             0096612083833 .

Post code :   31414

P.O.Box :      Riyadh 9261 .

Head office : Riyadh .


Gawaim Precast Concrete Company

No doubt industry now represents a major element of the national product of countries and a tributary factor of development. Also the development of countries is now measured by superiority in the industrial sector. So we find that our government gave much concern to the industrial sector through the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. The industrial fund was established and helped in the construction of numerous factories and industrial estates in all the cities of the Kingdom. Because of the flourishment of the real estate sector and the big boom and budget surplus and the large support for the construction sector which is expected to continue for a long period, some investors decided to establish Gawaim Company for real estate development. The first of the company projects is to establish a factory for precast concrete in order to satisfy the current and future needs of this material.

Current projects: Establishment of Gawaim Precast Concrete Factory (GPC).

Future Vision: Working on making the factory one of the best factories in the kingdom in the production of precast concrete.

Aims of the factory: Manufacturing high quality precast concrete products that satisfy the clients and bring benefits to the investors through maintaining the standard quality and the use of the latest technology in this field. .

Company activities : Purchasing and developing real estate. Purchasing land for constructing buildings and investing them by sale or rental in addition to administrating, maintaining, and operating real estate and establishing factories for the materials and substances required by the company works (for example, precast and ready concrete factories).

For contacting :

Title:              Gawaim Precast Concrete Company

Telephone :  0096614450207.

Fax :                0096614456004 .

Post code :    Riyadh 11635

P.O.Box :        10014 .

Head office :  Riyadh, Rabwa District, Eastern Ring Road, near Al- Jazira Bank..

Daraat Contracting Company

As one of the development steps adopted by Al-Habib company to widen its investment base and improve real estate services, and in line with the concept of specialization which has become a feature of this modern era, comes the establishment of Daraat Company in May 2004 to undertake the responsibility of operating, maintaining, and cleaning its numerous projects such as Bab Sahrif Center, The Saudi Business Center, Al-Khuzama Center, Jeddah, and Al-Khuzama Center, Makkah. The role of the company has expanded to include a group of real estate projects in the Kingdom like Hayat Mall Center, Aseer Mall Center, Assalam Plaza Center, and Zaat Restaurants. Daraat Company is an integral part of Mohammad Abdulaziz Al-Habib Real Estate Group.


The company future plans and strategies promise a lot of growth and success for all branches.

For contacting :

Title :             Daraat Contracting and Maintenance Company.

Telephone : 0096626444619.

Fax :               0096626438781 .

Post code :   Jeddah 31414

P.O.Box :        13711 .

Head office : Jeddah  .

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