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Mission :

Al-Habib Co. adopts several strategic goals related with the development of the real estate sector and the available investment opportunities, and the creation of many other opportunities. It also undertakes the responsibility for bringing to reality the dreams of the society seeking to see this country more advanced than others in the construction domain.


Driven by the national spirit it has, Al-Habib Company has contributed to the architectural advancement the Kingdom witnesses, working together with government officials in order to present the civilized appearance of the Kingdom.


Certainly the company has a variety of general goals, some of which are:


1. Fulfilling the needs and aspirations of the Saudi citizens.

2. Innovation of architectural designs in line with the modernization trend in the Kingdom.

3. Keeping pace with the progress going on in the Kingdom in all sectors.

4. Meeting the demands of the demographic increase by establishing services compounds.

5. Developing the real estate sector.

6. Devising plans, strategies and future visions for real estate activities.

7. Benefiting from the experiences of others in the real estate development.  



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