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Company News :

  Located on Al Takasosi with Al Talia crossroad, Panoram Mall is the future vision for the best investment

Mohamed al Habib Real Estate Company had chosen Al Takasosi with Al Tahlia crossroad to execute its vital project (Panoramic Mall) as work was already started to execute the project after finishing from the feasibility studies and studying the future vision for the project and the need of this part of Al Riyadh City for such a project. This project in unique with its strategic position and its gorgeous design which consists of various shops working in comprehensive fields. Care was taken with regards to all aspects leading to the success of the investment starting from the location ending with recruitment, administration to fulfill all aspects of success. The project will be on a 133608 m2 land consisting of 236 shops (hypermarket, amusement city, food court). This project is part of a large project which the company is executing now throughout the Kingdom which defines the future vision for the company and the market needs.

It should be noted that the company has launched a number of luxury malls in all regions of the Kingdom and it has found participation by major local and international companies which have established branches in such malls owned by Al Habib Company.


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