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  Mohammad Alhabib Real Estate Co. Participation in Retail City, Dubai

Mohammad Alhabib Real Estate Co. concluded its participation in the activities of Retail City, which was held at the Dubai International Centre for Exhibitions for three days, in the period 3-5/6/2007.
Alhabib Co. as a platinium sponsor of this event participated with six projects, taking in view the company successes in the previous participation. The event was a great success this year and it witnessed big turnover with a remarkable increase in the number of visitors. The company made a number of strategic allies in line with its policy of gaining clients.
The company investment in the six projects, namely: Alandalus Mall in Jeddah, Alsalam Plaza in Madina, Jarir Plaza in Dhahran, Kadi Mall in Jizan, Dareen Mall in Dammam and Panorama Mall in Riyadh at the crossroads of Takhassusi road with Tahliya, amounted to SR 2,400,000,000.
It is worth mentioning that Mohammad Alhabib Co. has constructed more than 2,500m2, its works developed 50 Million m2 of land and its staff includes 50 Engineers. Mohammad Alhabib Co. is following the method of scientific research and specialized studies in its different works and execution of projects according to American specifications and standards which are periodically updated through a number of consultants and experts.


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