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Company News :

  Hayat mall at your reach through the internet

Recently a special web site has been inaugurated for Hayat mall in the internet which displays all the activities and services to shoppers & businessmen .
The site aims at providing many services through giving an idea about the center , its sections contents activities & events. The site also provides search services through particular activity , shop or a trademark in the center .The site also provides the an information center for queries of services , shopping , recreational activities & restaurants .
One of the main services provided for the businessmen is the lease service . Complete
information is provided about the leasing , available location & procedures . The site is available through the title

It is worth mention that Hayat mall is one of the largest commercial centers at Riyadh city which achieved great success through attracting a high percentage of shoppers and visitors in Riyadh due to its location at the crossroads of king abdulaziz with king Abdullah . The center is operated by Mohammed Al-Habib company with more than 30 thousand visitors daily has other elements of success provided through a number of new shopping ideas not only in Riyadh but generally in the region.

Mohammed Al-Habib company is aiming at provided the environment for international shopping center that cares for the privacy of Saudi society through providing the famous international trademark , family shopping & recreation.


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