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Introduction :

Prior to the establishment of Muhammad A. Al-Habib Real Estate Company in 1972, there was a complete strategic study of the future of the infra structure in the Kingdom in general and the real estate sector specifically, the thing which qualified the company to be the most pioneering in the development of real estate according to scientific and technical plans and studies that accompanied the progress experienced in all domains throughout the Kingdom.


Al-Habib Company is a 100% Saudi national real estate company which has made many great real estate achievements during its 35 years age and that have become among the remarkable imposing edifices. Al-Habib is distinguished from its counterparts by providing unique engineering ideas and designs which met all the requirements of present-day man in addition to high professionalism and credibility in the execution of projects. These qualities caused it to acquire a great deal of confidence within the real estate setting in the Kingdom.


Under the current fast moving developments, Al-Habib Co. has enjoyed the stability and prosperity of its real estate investments, the steadiness of the quality of its services, and the development of its innovative ideas and touches in all its and activities. Al-Habib Co. constructed more than 2,500,000 m2 in different real estate sectors, together with investing and developing more than 5,000,000 m2 all around the Kingdom.


Since its foundation, Al-Habib Co. has become engaged in developing the real estate sector and its related fields. It participated in the execution of many major projects in different areas of the Kingdom due to the professionalism and prospects it has as well as the huge capacities that are rarely found in other companies.


Through the projects it achieved (by investment, by development, or by construction), Al-Habib Company topped the list of real estate companies in a way that it became a key figure in this domain.



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