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Projects In Riyadh City :

Hayat Mall

The center is an evidence of the successes of the company, especially that it provided a different architectural vision to what is common in the execution and design of commercial centers.


The center is the first of its type in Riyadh city and is located at the intersection of King Abdulaziz Road and King Abdullah Road in a highly populated area which experiences a large commercial and architectural activity and is a main shopping area for most of the residents of Riyadh.


The total area of the center is 172,000 m2 with around 400 commercial shops dealing in all activities (restaurants, entertainment centers, clothes, jewelry, furniture, gifts, and artifacts), a 20,000 m2 hypermarket, and 20,000 m2 specialized stores. The center is marked by a unique architectural design and a splendid appearance.


The ground floor is characterized by wide entrances and easy view of all the commercial shops from all the center angles. This gives the shoppers a feeling of comfort and enjoyment while shopping.


City :            Riyadh

Location :   Abdulaziz Road at the crossroads with King Abdullah Road  See map

Land area : 147,038 m2

Rental area : 86,750 m2

Parking :       2,282 cars

Shops :         425 shops

Components of this project :

• Danube Hypermarket

• Electronic store

• Al Sawani

• Paris Gallery

• Jarir Bookstore

• A modern styled food court.

• A Italian design entertainment section


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Panorama Mall

It is one of the most important projects and was constructed according to the latest international architectural specifications and standards. In addition, its engineering design conforms to the modernization trend of the real estate sector in the Kingdom. It is also considered to be unique and matchless among the current projects throughout the Kingdom. The mall is also characterized by its location at the crossroads of Takhassusi Street and Tahlia Street, which is one of the most luxurious areas in Riyadh and witnessing a great commercial and real estate development and high population density. The mall has been constructed at a strategic location with a unique design and includes various carefully chosen commercial and service shops whose activities and services cover all what the shoppers need. Care has also been given to all the means that can contribute to the success of this investment project beginning with the site and ending with administration and operation so as to provide the visitors with all conveniences.

City :              Riyadh

Location :     The crossroads of Takhassusi Street and Tahlia Street  See map

Land area :   133,557 m2

Rental area : 82,878 m2  

Parking :       2,080 cars

Shops : 193 shops

Components of the project :

• Hypermarket

• Amusement park

• Various restaurants complex


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Alharam plaza

Alharam plaza is characterized with the unique location adjacent to highly populated area , easy access and a wide range of shopping options.

City :               Riyadh

Location :     See map

Land area :    26,500 m2

Rental area :  10,847 m2

Parking :        650 cars

Shops :           79 shop

Components of the project :

• Al haram plaza for clothes.

• Different commercial shops.


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